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Private lessons with a highly qualified tutor

Gerald McKeon has been providing private tutoring, grinds and courses to students in Ireland for over a decade. As a professional educator he has a reputation for consistently guiding his students and clients to excellent results in achieving their goals.  Read more >>

Succeeding in College Course

College can be a daunting experience and it doesn’t help if a student isn’t sure what is expected of them by the teaching staff. Students make the mistake that 3rd level requires exactly the same approach as the leaving cert. However it is different to second level in that there is a greater emphasis on independent learning – where there is much less interaction with the tutors and the student is expected to manage his or her study. The Succeeding in College Courses provide detailed information on all aspects of college life. Knowing the strategies gives a student a head start in handling the challenges of college, increase confidence especially as they see their skills improve with time, reduce uncertainty and stress, and maximise results for the student. The purpose of this course is twofold; 1) to prepare a student who is entering college for the first time on study, assignment and exam techniques, and also tips on college life in general. 2) to assist college students already attending a course and who just want to improve or are struggling, particularly as each course becomes more and more difficult the further into it a student progresses. Content includes:
  • Getting organised (including planning and timing)
  • Expectations of examiners on continuous assessments, essays, projects, thesis, exam, etc
  • Efficient note taking in lectures
  • Study techniques
  • Exam techniques
  • Assistance in establishing the most important topics on the course (what’s most likely to come up) and how to prepare for them.
  • How to plan and research a subject
  • How to structure answers in assessments and in exams*
  • Thesis research and composition*

*Please note that plagiarism is forbidden and so any work to be submitted by a college student for assessment must be their own content and composition.

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Guidance in Entry to Medicine

Informal Advice given on entry to medicine in the following areas:

  • HPAT – content and format of exam
  • Advice on HPAT preparatory courses
  • Guidance on alternative entry pathways
  • Formulation of detailed study plan

Advice is also based on experience of medical students who have been through the system

Assistance on Thesis and Project Planning & Organisation

Assistance is given on planning the various aspects of thesis or course projects & assignments. This will include Planning out the various stages of the project. Assembly of schedule of all stages to ensure timely completion. Stimulation of ideas for content and how to focus them to complement the aims of the course** Identifying suitable sources of information/research Advice on layout of the assignment** Critiquing the work to identify areas for improvement.

**plagiarism is strictly against the regulations of most colleges and 3rd level institutions and can result in expulsion from the student’s course. The student is expected to complete the assignment his or her self.
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Mature Student Assistance

As a look at the 3rd level mathematics section shows I assist mature students who are in college or are just about to enter. I provide advice and assistance on what to expect and strategies on how best to deal with each aspect such as:
  • Study planning and techniques
  • Timing
  • Note taking
  • Researching information*
  • Exam techniques
  • Essay writing*
  • Lab report structure
  • Presentation techniques
  • Conference poster design
  • Thesis planning, structure and advice*
  • etc.*

*Please note that plagiarism is forbidden and so any work to be submitted by a college student for assessment must be their own content and composition.


Gerald provides a range of tuition options to students of all levels.  Pricing can vary depending on exam level and the number of students receiving tuition. 

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