About Gerald McKeon

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Trinity College Dublin.
From there I continued on to do a postgraduate in Biomedical Science (the Science behind Medicine) after which I worked in the Research and Hospital areas. So I am coming from a strong background in science with around 10 years experience in doing major exams and am well versed in study and exam strategy having achieved 1st Class Honours in my final exams. I have been giving grinds to Second and Third Level Students for over 10 years.

Teaching Strategies

My approach to grinds:
  • Provide a thorough understanding of the subject at a pace that suits the student
  • Instruction in Exam Strategy and Study Techniques emphasised throughout (note that these techniques will benefit other Leaving and Junior Cert exam subjects).
  • Notes and handouts given during sessions to make topics more understandable and will streamline revision when the student returns to the subject at a later stage.
  • Assistance in assembling a study plan
  • Constant reviewal of progress with student
  • Any difficulties students are having are explored and alternative approaches suggested
  • Exam Questions done with constant guidance on timing and approach to questions


Obviously the final results obtained are down to the level of determination of each student and how hard they work but success rates show an improvement in all students with the maximum result to date being 600 points. There are 5 past pupils who are currently studying medicine and two others who have graduated with a gold medal in their final university exams.


One on One

Paying Weekly
30 Per Session

One on One

Pay Monthly*
25 Per Session*

Small Group

Per Session**
18 Per Person / Per Hour**

*It should be noted with the monthly rate if a student cannot make their session I will offer an alternative times for that week but if they don’t suit the student forfeits that week’s fee.

**Regarding the small groups if a student cannot make a session they automatically forfeit the fee but notes from the session will be sent to them. It isn’t possible to offer an alternative date as it requires changing the other students. Hence the low fee charged.

Students can either come as a group they have organised themselves, or if not they will be placed according in groups according to their ability. The benefits are threefold: students will often share tips or help each other in any difficulties they may have, it facilitates the possibility for car pooling, and obviously the cost for parents is significantly less.